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bespoke responsive website design

Websites have become an online reference tool for potential customers. They can generally be the first impression of your company or services for any customer and it is important that your website has been designed to provide a good impression and make the customer engage with your business.

In todays environment your potential customers will use a variety of devices to access your site, therefore your website must be built to be responsive for any device so it will continue to engage with your customer.

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The above examples highlight the need for images, headings, columns and text to be responsive to the device on which they are viewed on.

A bespoke responsive design with your content and images displayed correctly will help provide a professional appearance to your potential customers. If you are thinking of building a new website or simply want to upgrade, please contact us to discuss further.
Hosting and Domain Names?What is a responsive website?What is SEO?
We recommend that each client purchases their own website hosting plan and we will upload the completed website to your hosting provider. This means you have complete control and ownership of the website and there are no monthly costs to Fabrica Website. There are a number of companies that provide this service but two companies we recommend are: and , each offer a variety of packages depending on your needs.
Due to the vast array of devices that can access the internet, modern websites must be designed to be able to scale ('responsive") to the device the person is using. For example, an image viewed on a website on a desktop computer would not fit on a phone screen, unless the website was able to recognise that the screen was smaller and respond by rescaling the image to fit the screen.
SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is the design of the website to allow the search engines, ie. google, to rank your website if a customer searches for a product or service you may supply.
Google has recently updated their search algorithms to 'Hummingbird' where the focus has moved to the content and interaction of the customers with your website. The other side of this change is that websites that use older SEO content and methods can get blacklisted and moved down the rankings as a consequence.
What SEO can you provide?
As we provide a bespoke website design, we can customise each page to have the relevant keywords and title headings to improve the appearance of your site. We can also apply keywords to any images on your website.
We will advise on best practice for social media integration and build into your website, we will not update your Facebook pages!
The content and how a user interacts with your site has an increased relevance with the new SEO updates. A bespoke layout and design allows for your product or service to be clearly presented and engage with your customers.
Images and Content?
We use image editing software to ensure your images are correctly sized and optimised for use on responsive websites and do not incur search engine penalties. We can design and use custom buttons, badges or banners as needed. We will work out correct colour options based on complements, triads or tetrads etc on existing branding or if requested on new branding.
All images or graphics are designed to be responsive and scale with the screen size of the device.
What are the costs?
Fabrica Web will charge a fixed fee based on the brief and website project you require. As we recommend you purchase the hosting plan direct there are no monthly fees once the project has been approved and gone live. All the files and images used in the construction of the website are handed over upon completion to the customer.
If you require regular updates to your website we can agree costs in advance.
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