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Fabrica Architects strive for excellent thermal performance in the design of our own projects and by providing consultancy services to contractors, clients and design team professionals on building performance design and regulatory requirements.


As TGD Part L, 2011 Building Regulations has increased elemental thermal performance and reductions in C02 emissions, heat loss due to thermal bridges has become increasingly important to quantify for use in DEAP in Ireland and SAP, SBEM in the United Kingdom.

Studies have shown that inadequate detailing at junctions can result in significant heat loss through the building and reduce U-Values to a level below the requirements of the building regulations, thereby impacting on certification under BC(A)R 2014.

Fabrica Architects have completed the postgraduate certificate in thermal performance modelling from DIT, Bolton Street in 2014. This course is approved by the NSAI (Ireland's official standards body) and allows successful graduates to register with the NSAI to provide certified construction details for the purpose of compliance with Clause (ii) TGD Part L

All calculations are carried out to the following: BR497 convention, BR443, ISO 10211, ISO 6946 & ISO 13370 using Psi-Therm software


Fabrica Architects offer a consultancy service for design professionals, contractors and home-owners in the design and compliance calculations required for Part L and BC(A)R 2014 certification. There are a range of services depending on the complexity of the project and can be tailored to suit each design.
      Calculation of building element U-Values to IS EN ISO 6946 & ISO 13370
      Calculation of window & door U-Values to DIN EN 10077-1
      Preparation of preliminary DEAP compliance calculations and report
      2d heat flow analysis to determine linear thermal bridge calculations to ISO 10211
      Surface condensation risk and temperature calculations
      Prelimindary calculations for low temp UFH, including fabric heat loss, ventilation heat loss and design heat loss
      Calculations of window/floor ratios for Part L 2011 Compliance
      Renewable technologies advice and compliance calculations
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BCAR, fabrica architects, thermal modelling, nsai, ireland
Fabrica Architects, thermal modelling, BCAR, Part L Compliance

Fabrica Architects are founding members of the Association of Thermal Modellers


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